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Behind the Curtain

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Welcome to the new and original High School Musical role-play game, Behind the Curtain. This community is still small and growing, so please browse around, see what you think, and join in on the fun! The more players we acquire, the better. Read more about joining below.

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Behind the Curtain is set after the HSM movie and after the winter musical. Right now, it is early April, and as the end of the school year is approaching, all East High students lead busy, hectic lives. Since the Spring Musical was cancelled due to family issues with Mrs. Darbus, an end-of-the-year musical with the first and only performance held on the last day of school has been rescheduled to take its place. Not only do East High students have the new musical on their minds, but a Spring Semi-Formal has also been announced to be held in early May. And as if that all isn't enough, finals are also quickly approaching, which have caused mental breakdowns in more than one student.

So in the midst of all this are Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, two sophomore students who made quite a school-wide commotion prior to the winter musical. Just as they attempt to sort out their true feelings for one another - or really, how to tell one another - disaster strikes and news comes that may force Gabriella to move back across the country. Troy doesn't exactly know how to handle this, and it is noticed by everyone that his basketball performance is plummeting, even with the huge southwest championship quickly approaching.

Troy's dad blames his son's poor performance on the only thing he can - Gabriella. Gabriella's mother attempts to keep her daughter away from Troy, knowing that if the two become close, their possible move will only make leaving him worse.

So it's the end of the school year at East High and Troy and Gabriella feel trapped in some sort of Romeo and Juliet nightmare. But they aren't the only ones with issues and dilemmas, for at East High, nothing is ever normal.


Each person will create a new journal here on LiveJournal for their character. This online journal will act as a personal online journal for said character. The characters can format their entries to be private (just for them) or open to everyone. Role-play "stories" will be posted here in the community.

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Ms. Darbus
Coach Bolton

Troy Bolton
Gabriella Montez
Taylor McKessie
Sharpay Evans
Ryan Evans
Anna Dumont (OC)
Kelsi Nielsen
Pasqualina Gina Tosetti (OC)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald (OC)
Johnny Makan (OC)
Chad Danforth

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Name: Becky
Position/character: BTC Mod/Gabriella Montez
Personal journal: N/A
Character journal: brainiacgm
Email address: behindthecurtain@msn.com
Screen names:
Image hosting by Photobucket brainiacgm
Image hosting by Photobucket behindthecurtain@msn.com

Name: Maia Michelle
Character: Sharpay Evans
Personal journal: kendrixaimeeoli
Character journal: igeteverything
Email address: ZTate04@aim.com
Screen names:
Image hosting by Photobucket ZTate01

Name: Rachel
Characters: Taylor McKessie, Johnny Makan
Personal journal: drama_chick07
Character journal: chem_club
Email address: hurrikainchick@yahoo.com
Screen names:
Image hosting by Photobucket sweetpumkinpie07

Name: Janet
Position/character: Troy Bolton
Personal journal: autymn
Character journal: in_the_game
Email address: supermangoes@gmail.com
Screen names:
Image hosting by Photobucket chokobah
Image hosting by Photobucket rabidmuzzy@hotmail.com

Name: Shannon -- CURRENTLY MIA
Position/character: Ryan Evans
Personal journal: kayleetam
Other websites:
Character journal:
Email address: whycantistay@gmail.com
Screen names:
Image hosting by Photobucket ShaniquaLily
Image hosting by Photobucket lil_angel_rulz1988@hotmail.com

Name: Cheska
Character: Kelsi Nielsen
Personal journal: simply_strange
Character journal: kelsi_nielsen
Email address: pasta.puttanesca@gmail.com
Screen names: Image hosting by Photobucket dazzlinelegance
Image hosting by Photobucket jenfrancheska@hotmail.com

Name: Laura
Character: Anna Dumont
Personal journal: N/A
Character journal: drama_trauma
Email address: angelicbay@yahoo.com
Screen names: N/A

Character: Pasqualina Gina Tosetti
Personal journal: starrphishe
Character journal: vivasantafe
Email address: webmistress@beyondrepair.org
Screen names: N/A

Name: Jasmine
Character: Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Personal journal: N/A
Character journal: elitelizzie
Email address: Rnobrega39@aol.com
Screen names: N/A

Name: Cheri
Character: Zeke
Personal journal: masaki_chibi
Character journal: creme_brulee32
Email address: skittsophrenic@yahoo.com
Screen names: Screen names: Image hosting by Photobucket justaHEROcomplex

Name: Tyler
Character: Chad Danforth
Personal journal: downstraightup_
Character journal: bckground_music
Email address: theresaclassforthis@gmail.com
Screen names: Screen names: Image hosting by Photobucket AmusedbytheIrony

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If you want to apply to Behind the Curtain, please choose an available character from the above list OR create one of your own. Original characters, or OCs, are very welcome in this community, and we want as many OCs to be created as possible. They can be incorporated into the storyline as you wish.

If there is a character from the movie that is not listed above, feel free to choose that character as well.


Please fill out the following application and email it to behindthecurtain@msn.com. You will be notified if you are accepted within one to three days and further instructions on how to create your character and more will be given to you then.

Personal journal/other communities you maintain:
Other websites (if any):
Email address:
Have you ever role-played before? If so, how long have you been RPing?

If you wish for other characters to have the option to role-play with you over an instant messenger, please include the screen name you will want to be contacted on below.


Desired character:
Why should you play this character? (At least four sentences)
Role-play example: (At least two paragraphs, more if you wish)

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(1) You must be a High School Musical fan (Disney Channel original movie - if you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't apply!).
(2) You must be literate. Sorry, but I will not tolerate people who do not know basic grammar and spelling.
(3) No one under the age of twelve will be admitted. I realize that many High School Musical fans are younger, but twelve is really even pushing it. It depends on how mature and literate you are.
(4) No internet speak/lingo (eg: lol, rofl, omg).
(5) Do not type likE THiS or LiKe tHiS. Type normally.
(6) This community is rated PG at the very least, possibly even PG-13. Nothing R or NC-17 will be tolerated. If you are unsure or have questions, please notify me.
(7) You are allowed to have only one character for now. In the future, I will most likely allow existing members to create another character if they wish, but right now that is not an option.
(8) NO GOD-MODING. God-moding is when one character "plays" another, or makes decisions for another character. You may play your character and only your character. If you would like to sort out a subplot between your character and someone else's, then contact that person OOC.
(9) After you have been accepted, please join the community.


(1) You must create a totally separate journal for your character. The username must reflect upon the character in some way and all userpictures must be of him or her.
(2) All characters must post at least three times a week in their personal journals. This is only a minimum - posting more than three times a week is highly encouraged.
(3) All personal journal entries are first-person point of view.
(4) Journal entries must be at least four paragraphs. Please do not waste time by creating short, pointless entries. They are not expected to be huge and massive, of course, but let your character express all his or her views and opinions.
(5) If an entry is public, then other characters may comment on said entry as if they are indeed commenting on an online journal.
(6) This journal acts as your character's own private journal. If they wish to share their entries with other people, they may do so. We are not going to mess with friend filters and all those things here on this community. The method is simple:

At the top of each and every entry, please include the following text - Type of entry: Type here. Instead of "type here", state whether the entry is private (although no other characters will be allowed to comment on the entry, they may read it but act as if they haven't) or public (anyone can read or comment on the entry).


(1) OOC (out of character) posts are allowed, but no advertising of other communities is. If you have questions, concerns, or announcements that you would like to post for the whole community to see, feel free! I will also be posting updates and news for all members as well.
(2) Community role-play will be third-person limited. This means that as you write, you can only see the actions and thoughts of YOUR character.
(3) As far as community role-play goes, we will be attempting a method here in this community and I'm hoping it will work. If you wish to role-play with another member, please create a new post and list the CHARACTERS that will be involved, the LOCATION where it takes place, and WHEN. If you have questions about when your role-play should take place, contact me. We are going to try to keep things on as steady a timeline as possible.
(4) Once you have written your initial part of the role-play, wait for the other member(s) you wish to be involved to post back. They will post IN THE COMMENTS. You may continue to role-play back and forth until your story has been completed.
(5) If a character was not listed in the character list of a role-play, they may not break into the story.
(6) Another method of role-playing here is doing so over AIM or MSN. If you wish to contact another player and roleplay something out over AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger, feel free. One of you may then post the role-play in the community as a short story in third-person point of view.
(7) Concerning the third method of role-playing, if you would like to do a role-play entry involving your character and another (or more), contact the players of those characters and get permission to write out an entry. You must clarify with them what you plan on doing and what plans you have for their characters. You must be able to keep their character in-character and write them well. If they don't agree (and they have EVERY right not to agree), don't pressure them. Some may not prefer this method, and that is perfectly fine.
(8) Each person must post a community role-play at least once a week. If you can do it more, that's great.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please send an email to behindthecurtain@msn.com.