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Ryan backed away and went to collect his things from her room. His cheek was tingling and he knew that wasn't a good thing from past expirences. He rubbed the lipstick mark from his cheek and started breathing funny.
"Are you ok?" She asked as she walked over to him and placed one hand on his left shoulder.
Ryan pulled his shoulder away from her hand and shrugged carelessly. "I'm fine," he muttered casually, starting to leave with his back on his shoulder. He hoped she would just let him go as he pleased, although she probably wouldn't.
Elizabeth grabbed ahold of his arm. "Please just tell me what's wrong." Elizabeth said said soflty letting his arm free.
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Elizabeth ran after Ryan and grabbed ahold of his arm. "Ryan please just tell me what wrong." Elizabeth said softly as she let go of his arm, she looked at him for a minute whith wide intense hazel eyes and then walked back upstairs because she had enough of this whole situation she just wished that she had never told Ryan how she felt, but it was to late for that now. She had to accept the fact that Ryan would never feel the same about her.
Ryan sighed. "I can't like you like that," he whispered and then walked out back to his car to head home. He just wanted to be alone... If not alone, then with Anna. He'd call her.

He hated to break anyone's heartm especailly Elizabeth's, but he just couldn't like her the way she wished he could. He liked Anna and that's the way it was supposed to and going to be. There was no doubt in his mind that that wouldn't change... Or was there?
Elizabeth was sitting at home listening to a Saving Jane song.

City lights shine down upon the place that I call home, surrounded by a million but I feel like I'm alone, and I might be a nobody to you; but somewhere their gonna listen.

Elizabeth felt like she wanted to die or go crawl into a whole because she felt like her heart was just stomped on into the ground and then runned over by a 50 ton boulder.
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