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"No not exactly." She said as she laughed.
Ryan shook his hair and smiled charmingly at her. "The math I just said is... well... it equals kissing or hugs or..." he muttered incoherently to try and explain further to her.
"Ok, I still don't comprehend." Elizabeth said laughing and then she smiled at him.
Ryan stopped talking and then thought for about half a second. "You don't hang out with Sharpay enough then. I learned all of this from her," he said. He sighed and looked away from her. "Liz, I like Anna," he stated.
"Yeah I know. I just have to let it go." She said as she got up and looked through her telescope.
Ryan nodded and walked over to her telescope after a few minutes. "What are you looking at?" he asked hesitantly. He wasn't sure if he should talk or not, but lately he didn't care much.
"Oh umm, just the planets, it seems that Jupiter is in retrograde which isn't a good thing if your a Capricorn." Elizabeth said as she laughed then she stopped because she felt like a dufus. "Wow I never noticed how beautiful the stars were." She said gazing through her telescope longingly.
Ryan stopped to think about the joke and then laughed slightly, "That was funny!" He stopped laughing and paused. "Can I take a look?" he asked.
"Sure. I was going to plot the alligned stars anyways." She said as she walked over to her desk, took out her compass, and started forming circles, and calculated the distance between them.
Ryan nodded his thanks, then leaned down to get a good look. He slotched there in awe of the beauty of the night sky and sigh heavily, loving the scene of the universe before him. He had never seen such a beautiful sight... well... except Anna.
Elizabeth put on her glasses and started sifting through papers then she plotted the coordinates on her graph, she hated the way she looked whith her glasses and she was hoping that Ryan wouldn't be able to see her because she thought that she looked goofy.
Ryan just stared at the wonder above him and then turned to the moon. "Hey Liz? What's that big thing?" he asked.
Elizabeth spun around in her chair. "What big thing?" She asked as her glasses were still on.
"The thingy in the sky? Its huge!" Ryan exclaimed.
Elizabeth put her hand to her face. "Umm, that would be the moon you know the thing that comes out every night after it's dark." Elizabeth said sarcastically.
Ryan pulled away from the telescope. "Oh..." he said, blushing furiously.
"It's okay." Elizabeth said as she went back to the telescope and then stepped onto the landing of her balcony and just stared out at the world in front of her. Then she let out a big sigh. She was so upset because she told Ryan how she felt, then he kissed her even though he didn't like her that way and it made her very upset. As Elizabeth was remembering everything that went on that night she started crying and then she wiped away her tears and cleaned off her glasses so that way Ryan wouldn't be able to see her cry.
Ryan didn't notice Elizabeth crying as he was too fasinated by the world around him. He gazed through the telescope wonderously. He had never seen so many stars. Albuquerque wasn't the biggest city in the world, but it was big enough that it blocked most stars.
Elizabeth stopped and then sat at her desk thinking about things, then she got up again and then she moved next to Ryan. "Do mind if I take another look?" She asked as she stood there whith her glasses still on.
Rysn backed up and nodded, "Of course." Although he really didn't want to, he showed no sign of otherwise wanting to still stare at the stars. Instead he just smiled charmingly and stood by the sliding door to her room.
Elizabeth looked through her telescope and then charted the exact altitude of the big dipper that night. Then she saw Ryan was just standing there. "What?" She asked smiling as she tried pulling the hair out from side of her glasses.
"Huh?" Ryan said, his smile fading. "Oh..." he muttered. "Its, um... nothing you'd want to hear," he assured quickly and then went back to the telescope to look at the marvels of the universe above him.
"What just tell me." She said looking up at him while she was at her desk.
"I was just wondering if Anna would like all this," Ryan sighed heavily. That really was what he had thought. He hoped she would. Maybe he would take her in town to the planitarium for a date or something. Or to the museum.

He continued to stare into the telescope, hoping to avoid her gaze at all coasts. He had just wished he could go up into the dark sky with the stars and hide behind there light.
Elizabeth smiled. Then she got up and kissed his cheek. "I'm sure she would love it." She said as she smiled.
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