Elizabeth Fitzgerald (elitelizzie) wrote in behind_curtain,
Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Characters: Elizabeth and Ryan
Location: Elizabeth's House
When: After school
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play

Elizabeth was at home waiting for Ryan to come because she was supossed to tutor him that day but this past week she had realized that she had new feelings for Ryan and she was starting to get nervous and she kept changing outfits until she decided on her dark wash faded jeans whith her lavender camisole, her dark purple shrug that had sequins on it, and her low black kitten heals. Then she put on her make-up put her hair in a half up half down and then she put on her silver chain necklace that had a faerie on it and sat in the living room waiting for Ryan to arrive.
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Ryan pulled up to Elizabeth's house in his forest green LeSaber. He had been dressed in khaki pants, a button-down navy blue shirt which was left open to show his white undershirt, his black dress shoes, and matching navy blue hat.

He got out of his car, messanger backpack slung over his shoulder and walked up to the front door, knocking politely soft on the wood.
Elizabeth walked down the stairs fixed her hair and then she opened the door. "Hi." She said. "Come on in." She said opening the door wider so that way he could come in.
Ryan walked in slowly and looked around, although he'd been ther before. "Thanks," he said nonchalantly. He headed to her room and then pulled out his math book.
"Ok, so what are you working on?"She asked as she moved closly so she could see, yet close enough that he could smell her shampoo and her perfume.
Ryan leaned back, trying not to cough at the smell of her hair and perfume. "Math..." he muttered. "Ms. Marvin assigned it..." He looked at scuspciouly. "Why?" he asked, starting to eye her.
"So I could help you." She said whith a slight attitude as she raised her eyebrow.
"Its... okay," Ryan assured, pulling his book onto his lap and started to work on his homework. It kind of irked him the way Elizabeth was acting. He shrugged mentally, brushing it off.
"Ok so the way to figure out matrices is to remember how to solve for a system of equations. You know how to do that right?" She asked.
"I've got it, Liz," Ryan said, not being able to concentrate with her breathing down his back. He scratched the back of his neck withe eraser of his pencil and continued working on his homework.
"Ok, well I'm just trying to help since you said that you were failing and me tutoring you at the library didn't help." She said whith an attitude. Then she backed off and sat on the floor.
"Yeah it didn't... But ever since Sharpay left, I have more time to my studies," Ryan explained, rolling his eyes and concentrated on his homework.
Elizabeth grabbed her homework and then laid on the floor and started scribbling away. "You know you can leave if you no longer need my assistance." She said erasing something it said 'I love Ryan' but then she erased it before he could see it. She hated the way she was acting so she stopped and started acting like herself again.
Ryan shrugged and packed his bag. "Later," he muttered pathetically and started heading down the stairs to the front door. He really didn't care. He was so into Anna lately, he hadn't pulled his head from the clouds.
Elizabeth stopped him before he could leave. "Ok do you want to know why I've been acting like a mega freak lately?" She asked.
"Um..." Ryan muttered, turning back to her and cocked his head to the side as he leaned against the doorframe of her room. "Sure... if you want," he shrugged, not minding much to hear another sob story. He wasn't really in the mood for one, but Elizabeth was acting weirder than Sharpay lately. Although his sister had stopped talking to him, let alone communicating.
Elizabeth took a big gulp. "Ok.-" She choked on her words. "I ummm-I-I like you." She said felling like a total idiot.
Ryan's jaw dropped and his heart started racing as his plams got sweaty. His face was pale and it looked like he had be spooked by a ghost. "I have to go," he muttered, barely loud enough to be a whisper. He turned around and started to leave again.
Elizabeth felt like a complete fool. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to say, She was completly incapacitated.
Ryan then stopped halfway down the stairs and ran back up to her room. He kneeled next to her, taking her face in his hands, then crushed his lips to hers hard, his eyes shut tightly.
Elizabeth was surprised at first and then she kissed him back.
Ryan pulled away and smiled. "I bet-better... um... yeah, go..." he stuttered, heading out for the third time that night.
"Umm if you want to." Then Elizabeth stopped him. "Wait does that mean you like me too?" She asked.
"No," Ryan smirked at her. "But its not exactly a no either," he added.
"Huh?" She was very confused. "Ok if you don't then why did you kiss me?" She asked staring at the floor.
"Sympathy plus hormones equals..." Ryan started and then paused. "Well... it isn't exactly your sort of math is it, m'dear?" he asked, sitting next to her on the floor, his legs and feet out in front of him.
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