Sharpay Evans (igeteverything) wrote in behind_curtain,
Sharpay Evans

Characters: Sharpay and Johnny
Location: Sharpay's house
When: Midday - Saturday April 11th, 2006 (stretching the calander a bit)
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play

Sharpay sat on the floor in one of the living rooms at the Evans mansion, organizing the DVD alphabetically and then numeralically. She played with the necklace she had on. The one Johnny had given her on their first date. She hadn't seen him since. Maybe once or twice in the hallway, but not really.
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Johnny wanted to suprise Sharpay as he didn't call before he came over. He drove his pick up truck to Sharpay's house as he parked in the drive way and turned off the truck. He hadn't had really any time with Sharpay at school. He walked up to the front door as he rang the doorbell. He had a single rose behind his back as he waited for someone to answer the door. The house was huge from the outside. It was easily bigger than Johnny's house.
Sharpay was a little startled by the ring if the doorbell. She hadn't ordered anything and she had no plans with any of her friends. Maybe it was a friend of Ryan's. She looked at the door curiously, not moving.

"Miss Evans, shall I get it?" Isobelle, Sharpay's personal maid asked.

"Of course not. Don't be so silly. I'll get it, Isobelle," Sharpay insisted as Isobelle helped her boss up and to the door. "I've got it." She shooed her maid away and then opened the door to her surprise. She gasped, tears entering her eyes, "Johnny..." Her heart started racing and a tear slipped out of the corner of her eye.
When Johnny saw Sharpay getting tears in her eyes he thought the worst. "Oh please don't cry" He said looking at her as he sighed. "Here, this is for you" He said handing her the single rose. He didn't want her to cry and that wasn't his real goal. He just wanted to hang out more with Sharpay and perhaps get some more kisses?
Sharpaay smiled, taking the rose in one hand and wiping her eyes with the other. She shook her head, "No its just... so sweet." She threw her arms around Johnny's neck and hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go. She pulled away and ushered him inside. "Please, Honey. Come in," she insisted.
Johnny sighed in relief. "Oh ok good...I thought it was a bad thing that girls cried" Johnny said as he hugged her back, and then let go as he walked inside. "Wow this place is huge" He said looking around with wide eyes.
"No," Sharpay assured, trying to hold back her tears as she shut the huge front door. "Um... thanks," she said. "Its no big really. Took me awhile to decorate last year though. Actually it took three or four years. Ryan and I had a blast," she chuckled, remembering what happened.

She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around from behind, kissing his neck. "I love you," she whispered.
Johnny smiled as she kissed his neck he turned around as he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "I love you too" he said wrapping his arms around her waist as he kissed her on the lips softly at first.
Sharpay gladly kissed him in return, loving to hear him say what he had. She wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to savor every bit.

"Excuse moi, Madomoiselle Evans."

Sharpay pulled away reluctantly from Johnny. "Yes, Jollie?"

"Un... DVDs?" the French maid questioned, motioning to the living room.

"I'll get them later. Thank you," Sharpay nodded, going back to kissing Johnny as Jollie walked up the stairs.
Johnny looked at the French Maid as he just wanted to go back to kissing Sharpay. Which she kissed him again after the maid went up the stairs. Johnny smiled as he kissed her back in return this time starting to french kiss her.
Sharpay felt Johnny start to french kiss her and then stumbled towards the elevator. The mansion was swarming with maids and butlers and the only way for them to get any peace and alone time was to go to the top floor by elevator... her room.
Johnny pulled away for a moment as the elevator door came open. Some maids and butlers came out. Johnny took Sharpay's hand as he walked inside. He let her hit the button for the top floor her room. As soon as the door closed Johnny went back to kissing Sharpay.
Sharpay giggled once they were in the elevator and kissing again. She wrapped her arms around Johnny and stood on her toes. She knew her legs would give away any second but she didn't care.
Johnny was kissing her as he leaned against the elevator wall. He ran his hands through her hair. He was full on french kissing as his one hand ran up and down her back.
Sharpay kissed back and trembled at his touch on her back as she heard the ding of the elevator bell. "C'mon," she panted, leading him to her room. "Before anyone decides to press a button and bring us down." Once in her room, she fell onto her bed with a big sigh. She didn't seem to care how huge her room was and hoped Johnny wouldn't either.
Johnny just smiled as he walked into her room it was like a whole floor. He just looked around as she saw Sharpay fall onto her bed. He sat down on the edge of his bed. "Nice room" was all Johnny said about it. Everymoment he wasn't kissing Sharpay he longed to kiss her. He didn't know why or how to explain it.
Sharpay nodded, rubbing her legs to relieve the little pain there was left. "Thanks. I cleaned it last weekend when I wasn't dancing," she explained. "I prefere yellow, but my mother said it was more feminine to go with pink and purple." After her legs were a little better, she sat up and hugged Johnny. "C'mere you." She kissed Johnny hard, crushing her lips against his.
Johnny smiled at Sharpay. "This is to...girly for me" Johnny said about the color of the walls. When Sharpay kissed him again he kissed her back now his hormones were going to take over almost. He leaned back still hugging her as she kissed her deeply.
Sharpay felt Johnny lean back as the kiss deepened and shoved Johnny back all the way onto her bed, falling on top of him. Her hands landed on his shoulders as she continued to kiss him, her own hormones taking over completely, making her lose all senses.
Johnny grinned as Sharpay shoved him back on her bed completely. He was losing his senses to as his hands wandered on her back under her shirt. He went to french kissing Sharpay now hoping she would return it.
Sharpay french kissed Johnny back. Feeling his hands go under her shirt made her smirk as she ran her own hands through his hair. She loved how long it was getting. It wasn't too long, but it was longer then a lot of the guys at school.
Johnny finally came around to his senses over a long moment. He pulled away from Sharpay and took his hands as he sat up. "I'm sorry Sharpay" Johnny said. He had to get a hold of himself.
Sharpay pulled away, frowning as her senses started to set in as well. "Its okay," she assured. "We're just caught up in the moment." She was still on her hands and knees and just sort of just collapsed on her bed, but still stared at Johnny. She took his hand in hers, "I love you."
Johnny turned to look at Sharpay. "I love you" He said as she gave her a soft kiss on the forhead. He smiled at her. "I should have never let myself do that though" Johnny said softly looking away for moment.
Sharpay smiled when Johnny kissed her forehead. She crawled over to him, laying at his side. "Its okay. We're teenagers... it happens, Honey," Sharpay exlained, taking his hand in hers.
Johnny hugged Sharpay close to him as he layed back down on her bed. "But I don't think I would forgive myself if something happened. You know?" Johnny asked as he looked at her. His forhead touching her own.
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