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Characters: Anna and Taylor, then open to anyone else
Location: East High classroom
When: After school- Monday, April 6th, 2006
Type of RP: Comments role-play

The booming sound of the day’s last bell rang in her ears. She dashed out of class with the rest of the students but didn’t continue her usual path towards the school exit; instead she leaned casually against the wall trying to make time.
Today Anna was on a mission. Said mission consisted of only two very important factors:
1. Finding Taylor Taylor McKessie
2. Completely ignoring the school bulletin board.
Both were, to Anna at least, for fairly obvious reasons. Taylor was (hopefully)  tutoring today and Anna needed all the help 
she could get.
And the bulletin board was just plain evil.
It had been at least a week since the Musical auditions and she still couldn’t think about it without blushing, nor could she walk 
down the hallways of her school without unintentionally seeking out the Musical Role announcements or call backs. As far as 
she knew there weren’t any new developments.
No news isn’t always good news.
Shaking off her silly thoughts Anna surveyed her surroundings. She didn’t know exactly <i>where</i> Taylor would be if 
she was tutoring, and felt like hitting herself in the head for not asking before, but instead settled for looking in a few 
rooms to see what she could find.    
Once she was sure the end-of-the-day craziness was mostly over with she hurried towards the nearest classroom.



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