Gabriella Montez (brainiacgm) wrote in behind_curtain,
Gabriella Montez

Community update!

Hi, everyone! First, I would like to apologize for lacking in posting lately. I've been away from home for a couple days - just a lot going on, you know. But I'm around now to keep the community going! I know several of you have been taking vacations as well, but I can't keep track of who's gone and who isn't. So if everyone could just leave a message asap letting me know if you'll be gone any time soon this summer - when and for how long - I'd really appreciate it.

Just to summarize things up, right now, the auditions are going on for the end-of-the-year musical. Cheska, who plays Kelsi, was supposed to help coordinate them, but she seems to have disappeared. So Cheska, if you're out there, let me know!

There is also a "marriage" project in Mrs. Scunci's health class, which everyone is quite aware of, I think. We'll probably be wrapping up the first post soon, as the first class is wrapping up, but more threads will be made soon for following classes. I think this is a fun idea and am excited to see where it goes. :]

Remember, if you know anyone who has moderate role-playing skills and is looking for something fun to do, let them know about the community. We are still looking for a Ryan (but for now, Maia Michelle is filling in and doing a great job!), perhaps a replacement Kelsi, and a Ms. Darbus (but she isn't top priority). Original characters are MORE than welcome as well.

Happy role-playing!
- Becky

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