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[September 16th, 2006]

Characters: Elizabeth and Ryan
Location: The Library
When: On the weekened
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play

City lights shine down upon the place that I call home....Collapse )

[September 13th, 2006]

Characters: Elizabeth and Ryan
Location: Elizabeth's House
When: After school
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play
Trying to fit a square into a circle.....Collapse )

[August 14th, 2006]

Characters: Sharpay and Johnny
Location: Sharpay's house
When: Midday - Saturday April 11th, 2006 (stretching the calander a bit)
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play

I can't see me lovin' nobody but youCollapse )
138 / COMMENT.

[August 11th, 2006]

Characters: Elizabeth and Johnny
Location: Elizabeth's House
When: After school- Friday April 27th, 2006
Type of RP: Comments Role-Play
Life holds all secrets.....Collapse )

[August 10th, 2006]

Characters: Johnny and Sharpay
Location: Johnny's house
When: after school - Thursday, April 9, 2006
Type of RP: Comments role-play

Sharpay's in L.O.V.E.Collapse )
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Calendar! [July 31st, 2006]

Sorry guys, I got caught up in my SAT classes. I'll be gone from the 7-11 and then again the week after, so don't miss me too much. ;D

Here is your somewhat belated calendar:

July 26-29, 2006
Monday, April 6, 2006

July 30-August 2, 2006
Tuesday, April 7, 2006

August 3-6, 2006
Wednesday, April 8, 2006

August 7-10, 2006
Thursday, April 9, 2006

August 11-14, 2006
Friday, April 10, 2006

August 15-18, 2006
Saturday, April 11, 2006

August 19-21, 2006
Sunday, April 12, 2006

Once again, comments, questions, hiatus' should be mentioned here.

[July 31st, 2006]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Characters: Anna and Taylor, then open to anyone else
Location: East High classroom
When: After school- Monday, April 6th, 2006
Type of RP: Comments role-play


Community update! [July 16th, 2006]


Hi, everyone! First, I would like to apologize for lacking in posting lately. I've been away from home for a couple days - just a lot going on, you know. But I'm around now to keep the community going! I know several of you have been taking vacations as well, but I can't keep track of who's gone and who isn't. So if everyone could just leave a message asap letting me know if you'll be gone any time soon this summer - when and for how long - I'd really appreciate it.

Just to summarize things up, right now, the auditions are going on for the end-of-the-year musical. Cheska, who plays Kelsi, was supposed to help coordinate them, but she seems to have disappeared. So Cheska, if you're out there, let me know!

There is also a "marriage" project in Mrs. Scunci's health class, which everyone is quite aware of, I think. We'll probably be wrapping up the first post soon, as the first class is wrapping up, but more threads will be made soon for following classes. I think this is a fun idea and am excited to see where it goes. :]

Remember, if you know anyone who has moderate role-playing skills and is looking for something fun to do, let them know about the community. We are still looking for a Ryan (but for now, Maia Michelle is filling in and doing a great job!), perhaps a replacement Kelsi, and a Ms. Darbus (but she isn't top priority). Original characters are MORE than welcome as well.

Happy role-playing!
- Becky


[July 12th, 2006]

Characters: Sharpay, Elizabeth, and sort of Ryan
Location: Elizabeth's house
When: after school - Thursday, April 2, 2006
Type of RP: Comments role-play

Read more...Collapse )

RYAN'S BACK! [July 8th, 2006]

[ mood | content ]

Hey guys! Its Ryan... Sharpay made me get one of these things. I still don't get the point... but she hits really hard when she wants to and is very persuasive. Anyways, I hope to see you guys around! EVANS PAWN ALL!


(OOC: Hey y'all! Maia Michelle here again. I asked Becky if I can take over Ryan until someone comes around to play him again and she said yes. So... check Sharpay's journal if you don't know who I am. Love!)


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